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·The first R&D project with Saudi Aramco successfully completed
Our first R&D project with Saudi Aramco, a jet impact tool to speed up well drilling, was completed in early August.
·The world’s largest atmospheric tower delivered to Nigeria
On July 29, the world's largest atmospheric tower built by Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company, slowly left a wharf in Ningbo.
·Sinopec Geophysical awarded TRT 3D seismic project in Algeria

Sinopec Geophysical was awarded a contract for TRT 3D seismic project by Sonatrach recently.

·The Kuwait Al-Zour Oil Refinery Project makes new progress
Its kerosene hydrotreating unit (U05), the first unit designed by Sinopec Engineering Group, was handed over.
·Sinopec Jilin Branch unveils 1st 5G petrol station
Sinopec’s a petrol station on Changchun Road in Jilin city, Northeast China’s Jilin province, has achieved 5G network coverage on July 8.
·China’s first gasoline-hydrogen refueling station built in Guangdong
China's first gasoline-hydrogen refueling station has been built in Guangdong.
·SSEC completes Petronas’ RAPID P12A project
The Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development(RAPID)project is the first joint project between SSEC and PETRONAS.
·Sinopec exports n-hexane products to Indonesia
Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company firstly exported 45 tons of n-hexane products to Indonesia on June 11.
·Qingdao-Nanjing gas pipeline project kicks off
Sinopec started the Qingdao-Nanjing gas pipeline project on June 14.
·BYC products start online sales
The four BYC intermediate products of FA85%, DMEOA, AEEA and DMF, are launched in BASF on-line store on recently.
·Kenya geothermal project gets finishing touches ahead of time
Recently, Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation put finishing touches on Kenya’s geothermal pipeline project (V Phase) two monthsin advance.
·Jinling Petrochemical Company exports gasoline for first time
A tanker, carrying 35,600 tons of gasoline produced by Jinling Petrochemical Company(JPC), departed from the Qingjiang Wharf in Nanjing for Singapore on May 12.
·Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical exports low-sulfur marine fuel oil for first time
Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Company’s low-sulfur marine fuel oil products were shipped to the Ningbo Port Customs Supervision and Bonded Oil Depot on May 5th and 6th.
·Sinopec Geophysical completes Tindouf 2D seismic project in Algeria
On April 24, Sinopec Geophysical Corp. completed the Tindouf 2D seismic project 40 days ahead of contract deadline for Sonatrach.
·SIPC sees improved operational results in Q1
SIPC continued last year’s good momentum in the first quarter of 2019, with its performance indicators better than expected.
·PB project starts oil production at Lula Norte via P-67 FPSO
SIPC Brazil’s PB project had started oil production in the Lula Norte area in Brazil via P-67 FPSO.
·Sinopec adds low-sulfur light marine fuel to large cruise ship
Sinopec added 400 tons of self-produced low-sulfur light marine fuels to COSTA ATLANTICA, one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships on April 19.
·The storage tank and pipeline detection project completed in Sri Lanka
Sinopec Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation has completed the storage tank and pipeline detection project at the Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka.
·The largest intersection in Khamis Mushait opens to traffic
The Project of Intersection of King Khaled Road with King Faisal Road located in Khamis Mushait in southwest Saudi Arabia, built by Sinopec, has been officially opened to traffic.
·SSC wins new rig contracts from Saudi Aramco
Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation signed contracts with Saudi Aramco for four drilling rigs with a value of some USD 340 million recently.



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